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- Tik Tok Advertising Strategy -

-Email Marketing- 

-Content Creation-

- Digital Marketing Consulting -

Facebook/Instagram Marketing
    • Advertising Funnel - I will develop a custom 3-5 phase Facebook/Instagram advertising funnel that will garner more overall brand awareness, generate new email captures, and ultimately result in a lift in conversions.

    • Ad Account Success - I will set up your current ad account for success, analyze the appropriate metrics, and make sure the pixel is properly installed and tracking as well as set up additional tracking events to determine new successful tactics. Optimize and build upon your current structure.

    • Competitor Analysis - I will complete a competitor analysis report for your brand that will deliver an in-depth understanding of Industry Standards for marketing, branding, and messaging purposes.

    • Audience Discovery & Testing - I will research and test for potential new audiences as well as determine which creatives and messaging are the most successful.

    • Ad Creation - I will curate ad creatives and ad copy which will, all get approved by by your brand before being pushed out.
      Management & Scaling - I will determine the appropriate time to scale, switch to manual bidding to keep your conversion costs low, and create lookalike audiences to scale.

    • Bi-Weekly Reporting - I will submit bi-weekly reports with the results for the previous weeks and include my intentions moving forward for the next weeks.

- Facebook Advertising

-Email Marketing-

Email Marketing & Management
  • I will work alongside your Team to create an email campaign strategy based on inventory, holidays, promotions, and creative concepts.

    I will create 1-2 emails campaigns per week based on the above-mentioned strategy.

    I will develop creative concepts to capture more emails and build out lists and segments.

    I will monitor and improve upon current email flows- abandon cart, welcome series, etc. As well as build out any necessary new ones.

    I will A&B test flows for maximum results.

    I will follow your competitors and complete a competitor analysis report to make sure we are always on par with industry standards.

    I will have routine calls with a Klaviyo representative to make sure your brand is always leveraging the most out of their email marketing.

    Monthly Reporting - I will deliver Monthly reports that share my efforts, results, and intentions for the following month.

Tik Tok Advertising
  • I will put together a Tik Tok Advertising Strategy based on your brand's specific guidelines, incorporating Influencer Spark ads as well as organic brand content. I will discover, test, and determine profitable audiences and scale your campaigns at a profitable ROA.

-Tik Tik Advertising-

-Content Creation

Professional Content Creation
  • I work with a professional photographer, together we create content in line with each specific brand to fit their digital marketing needs. Being able to give creative direction to capture content that will generate maximum ROA for our clients.

Want to discuss your business and see if we'd be a good fit?
  • Book an initial complimentary consultation with me to get yourself on the right track, I'll take time out of my day to give you some advice and steer you in the right direction :)

- Complimentary

My Digital Marketing Report for brands/businesses. Whether your brand is in a marketing rut or just launching, my custom 30-50 page report will give your brand everything it needs to be set up for success. The brand you've worked so hard on to build deserves to be seen and to generate you results, let me help!

My Facebook/Instagram Marketing report for your business consists of:

Competitor Research - I will complete a report of your leading competitors. I will dive deep into their advertising, sign up for their newsletters, and audit their websites from an advertising perspective to gauge the market and determine best practices for your brand. This will also help create new audiences and learn how the competitors speak to their customers to better understand language in your industry and proper messaging. This will determine industry standards and make sure your brand is up to par.

Social Media Audit - I will give a full report on your brand's social media, this will consist of improvements, creative campaign suggestions, influencer research and up to date useful tactics to gain and sustain an engaged following on all your brand's social platforms.

Website Audit - I will do a thorough audit of your website and give you areas of improvement to fully optimize for your ultimate goal. I will analyze it from a marketing perspective and give insight on how to better your funnel generating your maximum results. I will audit your website SEO and give you competitive suggestions on how to optimize your overall online presence.

Branding + SEO - Your company/brand leaves an impression on your customers long after you've made the conversion. Brand identity is the process of shaping that impression. Determining your brand's mission, how it builds trust + credibility, developing it's messaging +, advertising language, and how to leave an impression to be the household name in your brand's industry. I will develop a strategy to make this branding cohesive across all platforms improving your brand's overall SEO to have a stable and improved online presence.

Full custom in-depth Facebook/Instagram advertising strategy- I will develop a step by step strategy, with copy and creative suggestions. This is a complete and full marketing plan including but not limited to: audience determination, a custom 3-5 phase funnel strategy that will garner overall brand awareness, generate new email captures, and result in a significant lift in conversions/leads. To break it down I will:

    • Set up your ad account for success and give you a thorough understanding of analyzing the appropriate metrics, I will make sure the pixel is properly installed and tracking as well as set up tracking events to determine successful tactics.
    • Audience discovery & testing - research and discovering new audiences as well as determining winning creative copy, messaging, and best content to serve as ads.
    • I will build a custom in-depth 3-5 phase advertising funnel that captures new emails. garners immense awareness, and lift conversions. I will test variables and audiences, I will determine the appropriate time to scale, switch to manual bidding to keep your conversion costs low and create lookalike audiences to scale.

Sold out

Sit back, relax, and let me get your Digital Marketing on the right track.

I understand how hard navigating your company's digital marketing can be.

You try out so many different avenues without seeing any successful results and you've dealt with people who promise you impossible ROI and never deliver.

I want to customize a specific in-depth marketing strategy and help you and your company execute it.
I will never make you promises I can't keep and never sell you on fluff metrics. I will only ever deliver you tangible results.

I want to take the stress away from you and let you focus on what you do best, running your company.

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