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The EXTREME and valuable benefits of Facebook Advertising for EVERY company.

 Have you been considering Facebook advertising but haven't jumped into it yet? Do you think your business doesn't need Facebook advertising? Have you tried Facebook advertising but it didn't get you the results you hoped for?

Allow me to convince you to reconsider. 

Every company, yes EVERY company will, in fact, benefit from Facebook advertising. You don't think your audience is on Facebook? You're wrong, they are. And they are certainly on the third party sites facebook placement offers. Facebook's advertising platform is the most hyper-targeted, lowest cost, trackable metrics service out there today. While other digital services boast on what I like to call "Fluff metrics" like reach, impressions, clicks. While these Fluff metrics are important, they aren't what your business ACTUALLY wants.  Facebook allows you to optimize for exactly what you want, whether it be brand awareness, sales, or leads. 

If you've already tried Facebook Ads but it didn't work for your company, you were doing it wrong. You need to put together contextual advertising imagery and copy that speaks directly to your target audience, and you need to test multiple audiences until you find a scaleable one. So, throwing up a couple of ads and hitting it out to 2 million people is like throwing a dart in a haystack. Once you do some initial low-cost testing you can find multiple audiences that yield insane results and scale from there. 

To simplify some of the major benefits of Facebook advertising I've compiled the following list:

Your customers ARE THERE - This is not subjective if we look at the facts, 80% of ALL internet users use Facebook. 65% of adults over the age of 65 use Facebook. It has over 1.85 BILLION users, the majority of which check their Facebook page multiple times a day. Whoever your customer is, they are on Facebook

The most hyper-targeted advertising platform - It is the only platform that allows you to target by so many different factors: age, interests, behaviors, location. And it even lets you create lookalike audiences based on audiences you create that are profitable. 

IT'S CHEAP - You can literally reach 1,000 people with $5.00

Generates brand awareness - Your brand will start to become a household name because it becomes recognizable. The more familiar a customer is with your brand the more likely they will purchase. 

It's trackable & measurable - They take the guessing out of whether or not results are attributed to your ads. The numbers speak for themselves. There are an immense amount of beneficial metrics Facebook tracks for you to allow you to manipulate your ads to be as successful as ever. 

Increases SEO ranking - Search engines rely on social signals to rank websites. Facebook advertising helps increase your social signals enabling you to be a more credible business and rank you higher on search engines. 

It's in real time advertising - You can look at your campaigns in real time at ANY time. If you're not getting the results you want you can shut them off at any time and make adjustments and relaunch immediately. This is not possible for other forms of advertising. 

YOUR COMPETITORS ARE USING IT - You need to be head-on with your competition, they are using it, you need to keep up. 

I could obviously go all day (Clearly I love this platform, but that's only because IT WORKS). 

Ready to scale your business with Facebook advertising with someone who's passionate and knows what they're doing? HIT ME UP. I would love to help, it would even be my pleasure. 

-- Digital Laura Anderson 


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