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WHY YOUR FACEBOOK ADS ARE FAILING. The Mistakes you’re making and how to fix them!

 Facebook is one of the most powerful advertising platforms available to us today. You’re able to reach specific audiences anywhere for prices literally on the cent. It’s actually pretty mind blogging when you think about it, it’s never been this cheap or precise to advertise, ever.

Which is why it blogged my mind, even more, when I read a statistic that said over 90% of Facebook ads aren’t yielding any results. How are 90% of Ads on one of the most powerful platforms failing? CRAZY!

So I wanted to share 5 mistakes people tend to make when advertising on Facebook 


Mistake 1: Not picking the right audience & Not Testing

So many people create an Ad, target the area they think will do well, and put in one general interest/behavior. This is like throwing a dart into space and hoping it hits something.

You have to do some research. Research your target market: What do they like? What magazines are they reading, what other brands are they buying, are the single? Do they like sports? what type of behaviors do they have? These are all interests you can test out. YOU HAVE TO TEST. You try one interest and it fails you think you’ve done something wrong when in actuality, you just didn’t test it enough to be able to determine whether or not it was a winning ad.

Once you test some of these more well researched interests you’ll have a better understanding of your ideal audience. This will also help you with Mistake number 2.


Mistake 2: Not being able to Analyze your Data Properly

Looking at the default analytics FB gives you in Ads manager doesn’t really tell you much. You need to look at a multitude of metrics to be able to determine if you’re headed in the right direction with your ads. You need to be able to know if your CPC's are good, your CTR, your cost per conversion, the ads relevance score, and your ROAS. You need to calculate your profit margins and learn to read your metrics in regards to your profit margins.

You also need to break down your adsets. This is why testing again is so important. You’ve tested some interests and behaviors. So break down the ads with winning interests and see who is your winning age range, region, platform, device, etc. That way when you go to scale you can scale smart instead of general.


Mistake 3: Boosting a Post

No, no NO! Just no. Anyone who has any knowledge of Facebook advertising will tell you to NEVER boost a post. Why you ask? Sure you can target an audience, set a budget, and boost almost any post, and it’s simple. However, you CANNOT set an objective with a boosted post. You can’t even set it for an engagement objective let alone a conversion objective. So you’re paying for anything that happens to that post. You WILL get terrible results. Just don’t.


Mistake 4: PPE vs. WC

If I had a dollar for every time someone came to me and asked. My ad has so many likes, so many shares, and so many comments, but NO SALES. What gives??

I can almost with 100% certainty at that point know that you are running an engagement ad and not a conversion ad. This is probably the biggest mistake people make. People run engagement ads and see amazing engagement for really cheap and get excited. These are essentially vanity metrics. Sure, likes shares, and comments look good on your ads and posts but they aren’t necessarily generating you sales. And sure, social proof can prove valuable on your ad. But in the grand scheme it's not generating you sales.

And if I can leave you with anything it’s: Engagement ads will NEVER optimize for sales. And the data from your engagement ad will NOT carry over to your conversion Ad. They are two totally separate properties. Facebook will optimize exactly what you tell it to. You want engagement? Run a PPE, you want traffic to your site? Run a traffic ad, You want Sales? Run a conversion ad.

Of course, there are plenty more mistakes people make, but I think these 4 are the biggest I see people making. So I hope this helps and enables you to feel more confident when using Facebook advertising!

If you’re not testing with your Facebook Ads You’re leaving your money on the Table! Don't be that guy! ( Or Girl of course!).

Want help with your Facebook Ads? HIT ME UP, I would be happy to help. It would even be my pleasure. 

--- Digital Laura Anderson

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