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The most relevant SEO tips that will pair with your Facebook Ads

No company is stranger to SEO work. I'm not going to bore you with the basics you're already aware of. I've compiled a list of the most relevant SEO tips that will pair with your Facebook Ads. A lot of the SEO information you've heard is outdated. Let my tips do the explaining and let's get your business's SEO top notch and up to date.


Find a secondary niche

We all know backlinks are an essential component to your SEO as well as relevant keywords. But competing with all your competitors for the same keyword can be expensive or a tireless effort. So the solution? Find a secondary niche related to your business that has less saturated keywords. Say you have a business in the weight loss industry. You can use free online tools like Sumo to generate secondary niche keywords for you that you can utilize to rank higher for organically. For example, being keyword heavy in the keto diet will bode well because it's new, trending, and not saturated yet. 

Focus on voice optimization 

We are rapidly entering into the transition from type search to voice search. To give context, 2 in 5 adults use voice search at least once a day with the numbers rapidly increasing. For example, comScore says half of all searches will be voice searches by 202. Want to be the weight loss brand that pops up when someone says "Hey google what weight loss supplements should I take? Have your keywords reflect natural speech. Longtail keywords are taking the place of short ones, utilizing both will get your SEO fully optimized. 


Optimize for "featured snippets"

A featured snippet is a brief answer to a users search query. Which is displayed ON TOP of googles search results. Refer to the image below

It's extracted from one of the top ranking sites for that search. Getting this featured snipped spot is HUGE because it gives you the edge over every other competitor. Its none as position 0 and is better than position 1. It positions your company front and centered and gives you massive credibility. While this position is not easy to obtain it is possible with your secondary niche keywords and voice optimized keywords. Get those in place and you'll have a good chance at snagging this coveted spot.


Optimize your current content

A lot of times companies believe they need to put out SEO heavy content on a daily basis. While it doesn't hurt having the content you already have fully optimized will bode well. You can always improve and promote it through micro influencers who thrive in your industry. A smaller amount of quality SEO content is better than tons of SEO content that is subpar. 

If you're in business I'm sure you're no stranger to SEO, these are just the most relevant SEO tips to ensure you stay at the top of your game and will pair together with your Facebook advertising.

Need help with Facebook Ads? HIT ME UP. I'm happy to help, in fact, it would be my pleasure.

--- Digital Laura Anderson 

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