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Full on brand analysis and in-depth Facebook & Instagram marketing strategy

  • Working with you and your company to determine a full brand analysis. A break down of where your company currently is, where you want it to be, and a blueprint of the best route to get you there.
  • I will create a full Instagram & Facebook marketing strategy for you to implement
  • I will complete an influencer marketing plan, find you quality influencers in your market to reach out to and collaborate with. 
  • I will do competitor research and lay out ways for you to stand out from them.


    You want ME to implement your Facebook and Instagram marketing? YOU GOT ME! I Understand that every Brand is different, I will work with you to determine a comprehensive marketing strategy. 

    We will determine your most profitable outlets and curate custom funnels to drive more traffic and more profitability. Leveraging Facebook, Instagram, and third party placements.  

    I will determine your brand's winning audiences, scale them, retarget them, and expand them with lookalike audiences. I will continually test creative, copy, and placement for your ads to always stay fresh and in front of your audience at all times. I will integrate Influencer marketing by researching the top quality influencers in your market to collaborate with turning their audience into yours. 

    Sit back. I'll handle it for you. 
    • Consulting rates for everything listed above range from $60 to $80/an hr.  Varies with one on one consulting and entire company consulting. 

    • Facebook & Instagram marketing rates for everything listed above (Note this will be Laura completing everything, I don't outsource, you get me) ranges from $2,000 to $5,000 a month plus advertising spend. 



    Book an initial complimentary consultation with me to get yourself on the right track, I'll take time out of my day to give you some advice and steer you in the right direction :)