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Charge by the Project NOT by the hour!

Price yourself by the month, not by the hour. 

Are you a freelancer charging by the hour? You’re doing it wrong

Charge by the month, here’s why >>

Charging by the hour DECENTIVIZES you to get the job done faster. Which means you end up doing more work for less money. You’ve lost any incentive to work faster, and efficiency goes completely out the window.

Also if a job only takes you one hour to do, you will only get paid for one hour. Even if the job is worth a lot more!

If you’re charging by the hour you’re also not getting paid for the email correspondence with your clients, the phone calls, the extra work it takes for you to deliver the project, etc. You’re not getting paid your full time. 

So charge them a monthly rate or a project rate: one that takes into account all your experience, your knowledge, and your skills. 

This will incentivize you to work faster, freeing up more of your time and getting your clients work delivered in great time.  We’re here to work smarter, not harder #antiworkaholic

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